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Male Infertility

20% of infertility is caused by the male factor alone, but together with other contributing factors, this rate reaches 40-50%. This problem, which we encounter so often, can currently be treated with medical, surgical methods or in vitro fertilization at a high success rate. Instead of empirical applications and experimental suggestions, the first approach is to determine the problem realistically and to evaluate all aspects of treatment options together with the couple

Advenced Women Age and Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Women’s age and ovarian reserve are among the most important factors that have an impact on success, whether spontaneous conception is attempted  or intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization treatment is applied. However, advanced age and diminished ovarian reserve do not mean that you are completely hopeless.

Applications That Increase Success in IVF

Success is affected by many factors such as the application of appropriate and sufficient technology by a successsful team, selection af a center that attaches the importance to quality control systems, compliance with treatment and ensuring mutual trust, female age and ovarian reserve, reason of infertilty, quality and genetic structure of embryos etc.  The golden key to solution is determining your individual treatment options.

Evaluate Your Reproductive Status

Considering the current inreasing infertilty rates due to various factors and others such as delayed childbearing age, we both have to face with infertility problem and try to treat it and we should also be concious about these problems that may adversly affect your fertility stuation. Therefore  we should increase our awareness about the evaluation of reproductive status or potential.

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Why Ankara IVF Center ?

We are ARDA and AZRA, thanks to you we got our partners, after 10 years. We would ike to express our gratitude to you. We would like to thank Dr.Kubilay Vicdan and all the staff who contributed to us. We are glad that we came to the world thanks to you and we also encountered a smiling world.  All our future hopes are for parents  who are looking for their babies like us. We hope they reach their happiness with you. On behalf of our Dad and Mom, thank you very much.

Arda and Azra

Dear uncle Kubilay,

We were born naked; we’re going to die naked. All that’s left are the sweet memories of your sincerity. First with God’s permission, then with your dedication, we opened our eyes to the world.

The most innocent of feelings, my father and mother, who have just understood how to be father and mother, thank you very much. So are we.

I’m glad you’re here.

Selin – Arda YERTUTAN

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Frequently Asked Qustions

We perefer to have your tests done at our center during your first examination. But, if a necessity arises, please do this with the knowledge of the doctor following you.

The treatment scheme that is privately determined for you by your doctor will be explained to you by our experienced nurses in the field and your all questions will be answered.

Egg retrieval  is a non-painful procedure that can be done without the use any medication or local anesthesia. However, we currently prefer to put the patient to sleep with some sedative and pain killer medications.

You will be informed in advance when your embryo transfer will take place. While coming to transfer procedure, you do not need to be hungry unless there is a situation that requires anesthesia. You can take a shower while coming to transfer and a full bladder is preferable. Please do not use perfume and do not wear make-up.  Bring all your other medicines with you.

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