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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF is never a cure for miracles. Many meanings are loaded in both written and visual media and social media besides the values that should have IVF application. Since the chance of pregnancy is not 100%, stubborn and wrong campaigns are organized for patients who cannot conceive and in a sense hope is being trafficked. The day doesn’t go by that there’s no mention of miracle treatments for IVF on TV, newspapers, social media. Many methods such as embryo glue, pregnancy vaccine, chip technology, stem cell, precursor sperm cell use (ROSI) etc. are actually only at the research level and whose scientific efficacy has not been proven.

As a result, IVF is the use of technology to achieve pregnancy and unfortunately it is far from achieving 100% successes today. Many factors such as the cause of infertility, especially the age and reserve of the woman’s ovaries, the team structure, technical equipment and experience of the center where the treatment is performed have an impact on success. In short, IVF is a treatment aimed at re-establishing or increasing the chances of pregnancy that has disappeared or fallen for any reason. Couples who are looking for a successful center for pregnancy will actually have the most important advantages if they apply to the right center. All first-line health practitioners should warn couples not to rely on unrealistic news when informing these patients and to prioritize issues such as the experience of the center employees, etc. in the search for the right center.
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