Mikroenjeksiyon, mikroskop ve mikromanüpilatör ile bir iğne içine alınan tek bir sperm hücresinin yumurtanın içine yerleştirilmesidir.

Microinjection (ICSI)

This method was first applied in Belgium in 1992, and then became widespread around the world. In this method, which provides a fairly high chance of pregnancy to many infertile couples who previously had no chance of having children, a single sperm cell (male reproductive cell) taken into a very thin needle with the help of a special microscope and tools called micromanupilators is placed in the egg.  ICSI has created a revolution for male infertility. Thus, infertile men with very low sperm count, insufficient sperm movements, and impaired sperm shape had the chance to have children. After 1993, men who did not have any sperm cells in sperm analysis had the chance to have children by microinjection if the cells were found by surgical intervention (TESE) in their testicles.
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