Why Ankara IVF Center ?

In our country, UYTE (IVF) applications are under legal control and are established and supervised according to this legal regulation. Ankara IVF Center was established in 2002 according to these legal regulations and is legally subject to regular supervision. It has successfully passed all these legal inspections of buildings, crews and equipment without any irregularities so far.

In our country, IVF applications are supported by SSI within certain criteria. Ankara IVF Center is open in SSI audits as one of the private health institutions contracted with SSI.

There are many reasons other than the above-listed features for couples with infertility problems to choose our center and also for our colleagues to recommend the Ankara IVF Center to their patients. As one of the oldest and most experienced teams in IVF in Turkey, not only our clinicians, but also our embryology staff, nurses and executive staff share the same experience with our patients and you colleagues.